Information on the Oilseed Processing Industry in Argentina
Plants and Location:
There are 46 plants installed in rural areas in six provinces, mainly in the districts surrounding shipment outlets in the Province of Santa Fe and south of the Province of Buenos Aires. Besides the processing plants, the industry has its own modern and efficient port infrastructure and a important storage network all over the country.

Cottonseed, peanut, flax, sunflower and soybean OIL AND PROTEIN MEAL are obtained using state-of-the-art processing technology. Protein meal is an essential animal feed supplement while oil is mostly used for human consumption and, to a lesser degree, as an industrial input.

Raw Material and Processing Capacity:
In the last few decades, Argentina has shown a steady growth regarding sown areas and yield of the main oilseeds. This has allowed the availability of a greater volume of raw material for processing, together with an important increase in processing capacity.

Destination of Finished Products
The ARGENTINE OIL INDUSTRY is structurally export-oriented, with 92% of its production being sent to world markets. In 2000 exports amounted to US$ 4.110 million, accounting for around 16% of total Argentine exports.

Installed Crushing Capacity by company (2003) :