In 1980, the Argentine Oil Industry Chamber (CIARA) was set up, with the main objective of protecting and promoting the interests of the oilseed processing industry in Argentina. This institution groups most of the vegetable oil and protein meal producers throughout the country.

To maximize the oilseed industrialization level in order to optimize employment, investment and the capacity for producing national aggregate value.

To promote the growth and diversification of oilseed production to ensure a permanent supply of raw material to the industry, under quality conditions which are compatible with the demand requirements of processed products; and to encourage the diversification of agroindustry supply with a view to benefitting the industry as well as agricultural production.

To develop technological innovation in the Argentine oilseed sector in order to maintain increasing and sustained quality in all production stages, attempting to preserve the natural resources involved in the activity as well as the environment in which it takes place.

Board of Directors

Period 2002-2004

Raúl Padilla
1st Vice-President:
Ciro Echesortu
2nd Vice-President:
Héctor Marsili
Alberto García
Assistant Secretary:
Sergio Gancberg
Miguel Mayer-Wolf
Assistant Treasurer:
Carlos Rosa

Diego Barbero
Pedro Rodriguez
Alejandro Terré
Daniel Vazquez
Alex Ingham
Alberto Paduan
Roberto Curcija
Juan Gear
Esteban Zombory
Hugo Ramos

Accounts Review Commission
Claudia Sureda
Miguel Acevedo
Marcelo Maroevich

Surveillance Committee
Fernando Cobach
Jorge Carletti
José Liendo


Executive Director: Alberto Rodríguez
Economist: Raquel Caminoa



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